Rory Basch

No, this is not some diatribe or opinionated piece on religion. If you are here to talk about churches, then you are thinking about the House of God not the house of god (HOG). This is an irreverant look at medicine as a system, a practice, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Medicine like the economy is in foreclosure. It seems to be falling apart at the seems and every effort that is made to fix it seems to just tear it further. This foreclosure affects the patients, public, staff, doctors, nurses, family — EVERYONE.

Rory Basch is a pseudonym and so are all names mentioned on this blog. All pictures published of people were done so with their written consent or have been digitally altered with the purpose of maintaining anonymity.

I am an ER doc, born and raised by ER docs. I work and have worked for government, private, and cash medical facilities. I also have done a considerable amount of medical mission work. These experiences have shaped my views on medicine. Medicine is just a “small” part of my life. My life mainly is focused around GOD and my family. That is why I work. But at the same time, medicine has an odd way of trying to consume you.

I hope you enjoy this blog about my experiences and opinions in medicine!


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