Just a thought for the ER waiting room

Found this on facebook.  It is enlightening and puts a lot of things in perspective.


Maybe a good idea?


I read the above article and thought that this could be a good idea in healthcare reform. It takes the middle man out of the picture – the insurance company. If this system functions right, the patient would pay a flat rate every month to a "Hospital Group". Hospital Group is made up of outpatient clinics, specialists, and hospitals. With the monthly fee, the patient gets care whether that means in the clinic, the ER, or the hospital. It puts more skin in the game for hospital group. They are getting to get paid the same amount no matter what. Now they have to figure out if they would rather pay for outpatient care (which is cheaper) or inpatient care (ALOT more expensive). Of course, they would rather pay for outpatient and make more profit. At the same time the patient stays healthier. My only worry is that the patient still needs to have to put something more on the table than just a flat rate. There still is no incentive for some to go to their family doctor if everything in the end is going to cost the same. Maybe the rate could go up if you do not keep your preventative care appointments or not take your meds. That way the hospital is not paying for the patient not taking any responsibility for themselves. I have been under this kind of system before and it seems to work well.