I’m only a little pregnant

Patient presented to the ER today stating that the OB clinic told her 4 weeks ago that she was 6 weeks pregnant. They based this off of her last "period". Today she states that it feels like she is having contractions. I called labor and delivery and told them that she looks like is about term not newly pregnant and she is having contractions. The midwife says, "there is no way those are contractions. She is only 6 weeks along. Just send her home." Well, I did not do that. Instead I ordered an ultrasound. The results were a breech 39 1/2 week baby that looks like it is about to deliver. I called labor and delivery back and they took the patient to emergent c-section due to the baby being breech. The moral of story is: not everyone knows what a "normal period" is.


2 comments on “I’m only a little pregnant

  1. Cindy says:

    Was the clinic she went to a government run clinic? How could a clinic make such a mistake? Good thing you did a better job or she would have been in serious trouble trying to make it home.

    • rorybasch says:

      Yes, it was a government clinic that made the mistake. I have also had them tell a 17 year old girl she was pregnant. The girl got in fight with her parents about it, left her parents, and started living with the boyfriend / baby daddy. This girl then came into the ER for a possible miscarriage. I ran tests and looked all over the chart. The clinic had never actually done a pregnancy test and (come to find out) the girl was never pregnant. That mistake caused the girl a lot of problems. The doctor that made the mistake and that doctor’s boss doc would not come and apologize to the girl.

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