Hey Kids, let’s go play in the ER waiting room

Just a normal day in ER. Rooms are full. Waiting room is full. I am not happy. The nurses aren’t happy. The patients are not happy. No one is happy. Our ER sees about 35,000 patients a year. It has only 10 actual beds. The waiting room has enough chairs for about 25 patients. As you can tell, things can get a bit crowded in the waiting room. It is usually a pretty tense place to be. I will quickly admit the waiting room is scary. I control pretty much what goes on in the back. But the waiting room, that place is pure chaos. People yelling, kids screaming, drunks a sleep on the floor. Kids trying to find a place to play or do something to occupy their time. People always coming in and out. In the background, you have Jerry Springer on the TV. I do not know why Jerry Springer is always on that TV. Maybe it is because the people in the waiting room don’t want to miss the episode that features their daddy who is also their brother. Or maybe they are wanting the number to call in so they can get on… I don’t know…. But today I saw something extraordinary. A diabetic lady checked in with an infection on her leg. She was brought back to get vital signs. Her vital signs were normal but the leg infection was actually oozing this yellow green pus that was about the consistency of BBQ sauce. It was wrapped in paper towels and scotch tape. The pus had already drenched the towels and was oozing on the floor. Because we had no beds the patient was taken back out to the waiting room without the wound being redressed (that was our bad). Patient then waited in the chair for her name to be called when a bed was ready. The ooze began to pool and spread on the once off-white tile. It was to the point you would actually have to make a special effort to step over it. The next thing you know. 3 kids are sliding around in the ooze like it was a slip and slide. They would get up dripping wet from the waste down in this yellow green bodily fluid and then do it again. They were having a ball. They thought it was awesome. Nothing like an indoor water park in the waiting room. Please bathe all your children – who knows what they have been playing in.


One comment on “Hey Kids, let’s go play in the ER waiting room

  1. BV says:

    Not a good thing !!!!!!!! More like watch your kids

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