It is all about the “small” stuff… The End

Where is the tort reform in Obamacare?  Tort reform has always been at the top of ways to  lower healthcare cost.  I hate to say it but a lot of healthcare money is spent doing unnecessary tests.  Why are these tests done?  It is not to get the docs extra money.  I do not make any money from ordering a CT scan, biopsy, etc…  It is done to CYA.  Cover Your Butt (actually another word).  It could be a 1 in a 1,000 chance that the patient could have this but if I miss it I will get sued.  I get sued then it goes on my permanent record.  Then it makes it hard for me to keep my license and find a job.  Then I do not have a livelihood.  There are tons of studies that show this.


Or take the fact that there a ton of frivolous law suits.  For some reason the patient or family was not happy so they sue the doctor.  Even if there was no malpractice, the doctor then has to get a lawyer, spends months working on the case, and then to have the case thrown out due to no merit.  This is a best case scenario.  These cases can be strung out for years.  This costs the doctor tons of money, stress, and loss of work time.  The patient who made the case looses nothing.  Patients can sue for anything and everything.  If it does not work, oh well no loss.  If it does, they have hit the Powerball jackpot.  So where was this addressed in the Obamacare bill?  I forgot, IT IS NOT!


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