Alcohol and things that go BOOM!

Happy Independence Day! THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO SERVE! We would not be here and have all these blessings if it was not for you and your families’ sacrafices.  THANK YOU!

Please remember Alcohol and fireworks do not mix.  For that matter, Alcohol does not mix with guns, boats, cars, relationships, motorcycles, etc…  Wow, it does not mix well with much.

No roman candle fights.  Remember, it does not matter how tight you hold an M60 firecracker in your hand, it is still going to hurt and you will end up in the ER. Don’t throw cherry bombs in the toilet.  It is not pretty when you try to give your friend a cool looking brand with a sparkler. Don’t place any type of firework in any orifice.   It is days like these that reaffirms my job security.  As long as there is alcohol and testosterone I will have a job.

Be Safe and have a Great 4th of July!!!!!

Images from:,fireworks/Interesting


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