It is all about the “small” stuff… Part 3

Like Trump asked, where are the doctors to care for all these new people?  Not only will this add patients without adding doctors, this will also make some doctors leave or not be as patient friendly.  ACA  (“Obamacare”) adds a ton of paperwork and lowers physician reimbursement.  To make ends meet (pay rent, overhead, employees, school loans – average >250K, increasing cost of malpractice insurance, then living and family) the doc will have to see more patients.  Since the bill did not put more hours in the day, the doc will have to spend less time with the patients.  Or he will quit private practice where he answered to his patients(customers) and join a group where he answers to the administration.  The administration will make him see more patients in less time.  Or the doc will go cash.  The doc will stop taking insurance.  The doc will only take patients that pay cash.  There will be plenty.  Why??  People who have money (or who save up their money) will get tired of the waiting in line to see their doctor, tired of not having more than 5 minutes with their doctor, tired of every time they go in seeing a new doctor (in large groups, the doctors just rotate and you get what you get).  Already before Obamacare went through, cash medicine has been increasing.  I know of a local hospital and many offices that have stopped taking medicare.  Now it will be even more.  Many will stop taking insurance all together because it is just too difficult and too much of a pain for the little amount of pay they get in return.  That is what happened in Canada.  But Canadian government even took it one step further.  Once cash clinics starting popping up and refused to take insurance the government outlawed cash clinics, this forced all of the medical field to only be supported by the government — socialized medicine.  That is only a couple of steps away here in the US.

Any Canadians can correct me if I am wrong or add any other info.


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