A free taxi ride included in Obamacare?

Hopefully it will not be around for long.

What next — everyone will have to buy a car because having a car is “a right not a privilege.”  Because they must have a car to get to their new healthcare.  What good is having healthcare when you cannot use it?  Oh that is right, they will just call the taxi with flashing lights that was once called an ambulance.  The taxi even has a special number to dial  9-1-1.  Much easier than the longer numbers.  I have already had people do this when gas was higher.  They would come into the ER by ambulance because they stubbed their toe.  When I asked “why did you call the ambulance?”  They replied, “it is cheaper than gas.”  Confused, I said “What?!”  They smiled saying, “I am not going to pay for the ambulance.”  I hope I am not having a stroke or heart attack when the ambulance is being used as a taxi for someone with a cold.


One comment on “A free taxi ride included in Obamacare?

  1. Cindy says:

    How true!! Then there those of us who work really hard, and pay alot for our insurance and now thanks to Obama will probably have to pay more taxes for those people to ride an ambulance and have a trained ER doctor take care of their cold.

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